We can give you what data you want and when you need it.
The first step is the method of transporting the data from WasteWater Meter, so here are some of the communication options we support

-GPRS/3G/4G Data
Using our Remote Access Service (RAS) we can collect the data from the WasteWater Meter and transport it over a secure internet connection to our servers (see display options)

-Pulse output
Industry standard pulsing open collector / no voltage contact which can be factory set from 1 litre to 100 litres per pulse. Additional alarm information can be highlighted.

-Wastewater sampler
RAS can give pulse output to the sampler and enable more accurate sampling assessment.

        -Water separator
         RAS gives pulse output to divert the water.

-RF Comms
We use Bluetooth for testing at our lab in Loughborough, but this link can also support other Radio Frequency devices – please contact us to find out more.